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Starting with the corn patties and reaching to our star product that is the mixed shellfish basket, there is a great offer that take roots in the Atlantic tradition and from our rías (estuaries), emphasizing the fish, as much in seaworthy Galician cooked dishes or roast “al prebe” (dressing), octopus with cachelos (cut boiled and unpeeled potatoes), rice with lobster or with cocochas (hake’s or codfish’s chins) and scallops…etc.


Without forgetting the after dinner where the main character is the home made pastry making Tasting, and the Apple Patty.


The oars d’oeuvres and the wines are characteristic of the summer season in the front beach terrace, but you can enjoy it in other time of the year.


We have also incorporated in recent years a sampling menu that we change in every season, since it is based in a seaworthy entrée, a shellfish plate of the present season, a house representative fish and a pastry making tasting. It includes recommended wine and coffees.

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